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Week 42: 20th November 2017-26th November 2017:

Wednesday Thursday  
Mark B
Mark B
Mark B
Duty Pilot
Start time 08.15

How do I find Skydive Cape Town?

Click here for description of route
Click here for a printable map
Click here to see the Google Map of the DZ's location


Autumn , with beautiful, almost windless days, is here. Ideal for jumping-but there is the off chance
of morning mist, occasional rains or afternoon SE wind.
Check with Johnathan on 082 800 6290 before coming out.

The View

Bruno Brokken's pic of Gabi Meis shows our famous view.
See more of his work here.

Recent achievements:

(click on thumbnail to enlarge in new window)

Gerry du Plessis:  10 000 Skydives!

Receiving his certificate from NSTO Mark Bellingan

Walter Herbst: AFF Graduate

With AFF Instructor Rainer Bäcker

Riaan Nieuwenhuis: Cat 3 FS and B licence. Pic. to follow.

Julian Boulle: 10 000 Skydives! 

Receiving his certificate from CI Mark Bellingan.

Jonathan Leeming and Seth Beighton: AFF Graduates 

With AFF Instructor Julian Boulle.

Connie Nöpper and Sarah Lutz:AFF Graduates

Roger Hochstrasser: AFF Graduate and A Licence

With AFF Instructor Rainer Bäcker 

Martin Sander and Inglish Halloway: AFF Graduates


With AFF Instructors Gerry du Plessis,  Rainer Bäcker and Tim-O-T

Jochen Müller: AFF Graduate 

Mirko Foletti: AFF Graduate 

With AFF Instructor Rainer Bäcker 

Alex and Frank Sergeant: AFF Graduates

Shane Cairn: AFF Graduate


With AFF Instructor Tim-O-T

James Pascoe and Jeremiah Langston: AFF graduates. 

With AFF Instructors Gerry,Tim-O-T and Julie B. 

Tim-O-T Hutchins: 10 000 Skydives!!!

Regular Videographer, AFF Instructor and all round good guy T-O-T, seen here with CI and National

Safety and Training Officer Mark Bellingan

A quiet time recently. Let me know if I have missed anything.

Issued by PASA recently:

Pascal Vogeli A and B Licence
Teresa Barkhuizen A and B Licence, Jumpmaster Rating
Kristian Sejrbo A Licence
Johnathan Wooldridge A Licence
Jason Baker B Licence
Corné Vermeulen C licence
Roger Hochstrasser A Licence

See here for 'photies. of past achievements.

Weather and A/C:

Click here for 7 day weather/wind forecast

Gear for sale: 

Skydive Cape Town is a dealer for the following companies:

SunPath Products Inc.: Javelin Odyssey harnesses and all Performance Designs parachutes.

Aerodyne Systems: Icon Harnesses; Pilot mains; Smart reserves etc.

Drop me a line if you are interested in any of the above products.


Check here to check out old news/pictures etc.

PASA-ADZO meeting :

Mark Bellingan attends the quarterly ADZO meetings to be held in Johannesburg.

Check out the PASA website  www.para.co.za , under documents to see the minutes.

For more info. contact Mark, markb@skydivecapetown.co.za , 082 571 3155  , or chat to him at the DZ.