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Skydive Cape Town

Cape Town's only Drop Zone

A 40-minute drive north along the R27, or West Coast road as it's more commonly known, is all it takes for you to be whisked from the Cape Town city centre to the only drop zone in South Africa's tourism capital, boasting one of the best views in the world from altitude.

Directions / GPS

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On the way up in the aircraft, the view is breathtaking. To the South, the Mother City lies sandwiched between towering Table Mountain and bustling Table Bay harbour. Further to the south, and to the far side of the mountain, lies False Bay, Hout Bay and the splendour of the South Peninsula as far as Cape Point. To the West, you will spot Robben Island - Cape Town's own Alcatraz - and the Atlantic Ocean breaking on the beautiful Cape West Coast, as famous for its icy water temperature as its mouth-watering crayfish. To the North, the Langebaan lagoon , a great kitesurfing and windsurfing venue.

Less than an hour after landing from your Skydive, you could be gazing out at Robben Island from the top of Table Mountain,  relaxing on a wine farm in Stellenbosch, or eating seafood in one of the many fine restaurants at the V&A Waterfront.

If you would like to experience a Tandem Skydive, see the Courses page.

Who is Skydive Cape Town?

Skydive Cape Town came into being on January 1st, 2002 after it was found that the Cape Parachute Club could no longer adequately cater for the needs of skydivers in Cape Town.

A name change and new management structure now places the organisation in a much better position to look after local skydivers (from the Cape and the rest of SA), as well as international visitors. Sharp increases in tourism figures to the Mother City made the move even more crucial.

A third aircraft , ZS-DOU (Cessna 182) , was sourced to compliment the existing two , ZS FJB (C-206)  and ZS-DPX (C-182). This put Skydive Cape Town in a position to accommodate more local skydivers, Tandems and students and to speed up turnaround times. Tandem and student equipment was increased to handle the extra requirements.

Unfortunately, bad luck struck in April 2002 (story here), and set operations back a bit, but SCT soon got back on track. ZS-DOU was joined by ZS-EJM (C-210T) and ZS-CVA (C-206). In 2009 another 206, ZS-PSC was purchased to join the fleet. LP

Early in 2011, circumstances led to the retirement of EJM and PSC. These were replaced by another two 206s: ZS-ZGZ and ZS-NSH.

The core management team of Skydive Cape Town consists of Anton Scalabrino , who had been one of the custodians of the Cape Parachute Club for the previous 15 years, and recent arrivals from Gauteng, Peter Mauchan (Long Pete), and Mark Bellingan. 

A freelance staff of highly qualified and experienced Tandem Masters, Skydiving Instructors, Freefall videographers and packers assist in ensuring the smooth running of Skydive Cape Town. 

All strive to make your visit to the drop zone, whether first timer, student or regular jumper, a pleasant one

Operating times

The Drop Zone  operates 9 to 4, seven days a week, weather permitting.
Check with Johnathan, 082 800 6290, before driving out.
Tandem skydiving is offered on all operating days, but places are limited so booking is essential.

Slots for casual jumping are limited.

Hard Dock café

The Hard Dock café , serving refreshments and snacks, operates whenever the DZ is open.

Equipment sales

Selected  equipment can be ordered at the DZ.


Skydive Cape Town is affiliated to the Parachute Association of South Africa and follows all guidelines and BSR's of PASA.

So if you are looking for the best views of Cape Town and it's surroundings, or are in need of a Higher Education, contact us ASAP for more details.

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